Marlpa Alliance

Marlpa Alliance is an 100% Aboriginal Australian controlled company with the expertise to identify and nurture the key relationships necessary to drive economic opportunities within the Australian Indigenous community, the business sector, and the international community.

Marlpa Alliance has built diverse networks in multiple industry sectors, both domestically and internationally, that can bolster any economic development project. Our cultural roots and longstanding business relationships within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities give us a unique advantage to spec out projects, gain trust, establish partnerships, and execute plans.

Marpa Alliance has a unique service offering that is focused on creating wealth and economic opportunities in the Indigenous Australian lands for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their local and global partners.

Marlpa Alliance is led by global industry experts who are driven to achieve the desired outcomes for their clients while expertly balancing the needs of Australia’s indigenous communities.  Whether you are looking for relationships that add value, business growth and profitability, or execution experience, MA's expertise gives you an advantage and a trust factor.


Our Mission

Identify, develop and deliver programs which have positive social, environmental and economic outcomes for the Marlpa region.


Learn About Our Projects


Waste Management

We work with Marlpa Waste Logistics who have a commitment to zero waste through recycling and effective waste management processes.


We partner with organisations to develop green energy solutions including hydrogen, solar, bio-fuel and energy from waste products.



We work with Aboriginal community groups and corporations to develop and deliver sustainable projects to improve commuities whilst caring for country.


Waste Energy Mining Manufacturing Training Education Centre provides recruitment, labour hire and training together with ongoing support services.


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Yarnta Maya Pty Ltd t/a Marlpa Alliance
2501 Coolawanyah Road, Karratha Industrial Estate WA 6714
125 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

+61 08 9185 5207

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